After a great deal of careful thought, and even more prayer, I have finally settled on a college! I will fulfill my high school dream of being able to say “What team? Wildcats!” everyday at Indiana Wesleyan University in the fall and majoring in journalism.

Though IWU is considerably more expensive than a state school, I believe that God has called me to go there. I know that I will grow in my relationship with Him and be part of an amazing community. I also recently interviewed for the John Wesley Honors College, which I hope to hear back from soon.

I have put down my deposit, and God is already providing! I have less than $10,000 to pay for on my own now and I’ve been working on scholarships like a madwoman. I am so beyond blessed to have this opportunity.

Basically, I’m pumped for life.

Side note: I also have been given an amazing opportunity to write for CollegeXpress as a student writer this semester! I’m not paid, but it’s great experience and I’m working under professional writers, which is super cool. I recently turned in my first article for editing, so hopefully I can share it soon.