Clara and Hailey love each other, and they’re comfortable in their conjoined bodies. It’s the stares and whispers they could do without.

Hailey is a pink-haired artist who longs to explore the world and question every limitation. Clara is an aspiring scientist who would rather stay home, avoid strangers, and study the night sky. 

Yet Clara has secret, impossible dreams, like seeing Earth from space, and falling in love with a guy who could actually love her back.

Then telescope-loving Max comes to town, and Clara starts to question her definition of “impossible.” 

Soon both Clara and Hailey are forced to ask: is it impossible to pursue their dreams together? Or should they consider the risky, life-threatening surgery to separate them? And what does it really mean for each sister to be herself?

(taken from the inside cover of Gemini by Sonya Mukherjee)

This was an amazing novel. I honestly loved it so much. Mukherjee really brought these characters to life. I could relate to the characters even though their situation was so much different from mine.

The twins were easily the best part of this novel, they both were wonderful, fully developed characters that were three-dimensional, which I greatly enjoyed. It would’ve been easy to just write them very similarly, but I was very surprised at how refreshing and different they both were.

The romance that is sold on the description is Clara and Max, and while I find them to be a great pairing, the true romance here is between Hailey and Alek, the tortured artist and resident weirdo. Alek is the traditional outsider trope, but he’s just so charming that I couldn’t resist falling for him a little bit.

The only thing that I didn’t enjoy about the novel was the frustrations I had over the entire situation. There were also several characters who I wanted to punch in the face and tell them, “stop doing that!”

Gemini is an excellent read for anyone who can relate to the struggles of fitting in, and deciding what they want to do with their life.